Viernheim Museum

A special attraction in Viernheim is the Museum in the Berliner Ring Street. The house was built in the Art Nouveau style in 1900. Until 1961, the house was home to the Forest Administration in Viernheim. Since 1984 it houses a museum.

The foyer of the museum in the ground floor presents information and impressions, a meeting room which is also used for civil marriages and for the children it offers a drawers memory game and a quiz game about the museum.

Downstairs you find four living quarters, which give an impression of the life of a typical Viernheim family in the years from 1930 till 1980. Upstairs the exhibition is focused on the village community. With objects and audio-visual media you can experience how the historical events and changes affected the individual lifes during the 19th/20th century.

At the top floor the prehistoric findings pay tribute to the early history of our region. The beautiful garden of the museum offers a special surrounding for the visitors as a place to enjoy the variety of nature and to find further outdoor exhibits.

In addition the Viernheim museum provides educational offers for secondary and primary schools and for special events like children´s birthday partys.

And if you want to get married at a nice and extraordinary place, you can book a civil marriage below the wonderful lime in the museum´s garden.

Museum Viernheim
Am Berliner Ring 28
68519 Viernheim
open on sundays from 14:00 to 17:00

More informations: 

Tobacco Barns


In the 19th century, the barns in the center of town were used to dry tobacco, grown in Viernheim until the 1920s.

Today, the restored barn is home to the town public library, holding 30 000 items of literature.

War Memorial


The War Memorial on Weinheimer Strasse was erected in 1905.

The Forest Lake

The Forest Lake was created in 1968. Trails, benches, a playground and an educational pathway about the forest invite you to relax and to play.