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Viernheim, a town with around 33.000 citizens, is situated right in the heart of the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region in southern Hesse. The city ist known throughout the region and beyond for its Rhein-Neckar-Zentrum shopping centre and by the name "Brundtlandstadt" for its status as Hesse`s first energy-efficient municipality.

Viernheim thrives on community activity and the lively dialogue among its policymakers, administrators, citizens - oriented community - an effort obtaining spezial distinction through the Bertelsmann Foundation in the CIVITAS network.

Viernheim has much more to offer, as well, such as excellent autobahn connections and strong framework of midsize companies. Thanks in part of the new Bannholzgraben industrial park located in its eastern section, the city achieved record business-tax revenues in the past two years. Renowned companies operating in Germany and throughout the world feel right at home in Viernheim, among them Buderus, Scil Animal Care, ISL Schaumstoff-Technik GmbH, and Adler Immobilien Investment und Investfinanz.

About the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region

The Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region encompasses vivid cities and communities where many successful industry companies, renowned research facilities, universities and cultural institutions are located. These regional players work closely together to form an alliance of strong partners that contributes to make Rhine-Neckar one of Germany's most attractive regions for living and working. 

A prolific cultural scene, professional and popular sport events and impressive natural surroundings enrich the Rhine-Neckar region just as the wide range of attractive jobs in business, research and teaching does. The wealth of nearby possibilities allows its 2.4 million residents to work smart and live well. Along with their strong sense of involvement, open-mindedness, creativity and a confident, active civic spirit the Rhine-Neckar people ensure the region's future prosperity.


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