50 years ago, Viernheim started to establish contacts on a partnership basis with other towns. As a result, Viernheim now has several town partner-ship programs throughout the EU as well as with a community in Burkina Faso, Africa.
There has been a three way partnership between the towns Viernheim, Potters Bar, and Franconville since 1971. Such partnership had also been formed between Rovigo, Satonévri and Viernheim back in 2004.

The twin towns:

The certification of this oldest partnership happened in 1966. Situated about 17 km from Paris, Franconville has a population of around 33 700 citizens and is a young, dynamic and lively city with plenty of parks. The city offers a wide range of cultural attractions, sport and active clubs and societies.


Twinning association: www.rvjf.webnode.fr



Since 1971, Potters Bar has been partnered with Franconville and Viernheim. Potters Bar has 22 000 citizens and is about 20 km north of London. Potters Bar belongs to the administrative district of Hertsmere, which has a population of around 88 000. With a cultural centre and a large sport park, Potters Bar offers many possibilities of things for people to do in their free time.


Rovigo is situated 80 km south of Venice in the region of the Po river. The partnership with Rovigo and Viernheim has existed since 1991. With around 51 000 citizens, Rovigo is an Italian province capital which, in terms of education, culture and sports is very important for the region. Many accounts of it are held in the extensive col-lection of paintings and books "Accademia dei Concordi ".



The partnership (twinning) with Satonevri, which is composed of the villages Sadouin, Tonon und Nevri, was founded 1994. S. is situated about 150 km south west from the main town Q. There is a cooperation in the areas of infrastructure, health and education. In September 2013 the partnership (twinning) was extended to the Departement Silly, in its main town, which bears the same name, there is the Centre for Education which was initiated in April 2012.

For more informations: www.focus-viernheim.de



In 2016, the first contacts were established with the city of Mława (spoken: Muawa) and after mutual visits, the grown relations on 31.08.2019 led to the official certification of the town twinning. Mława is located 110 km north of Warsaw. In recent decades, Mława experienced an economic boom. The population of 31,000 people today has a well-developed urban infrastructure and many on-demand community facilities. There are several kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and vocational schools in the education sector. The cultural life in the city is lively, concerts and events are organized, visitors can stay in various local museums. Sporting activities are possible on the well-maintained sports facilities or in the indoor pool. The city park, located in the center of the city and very rich in flowers designed, is considered one of the most beautiful in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. bussi


Viernheim has been associated with Haldensleben since 1992. It is situated in the east part of Germany and is about 20 km northwest from Magdeburg with 19 500 citizens. Haldensleben is with a growing economy developing into a lively town. As well as the middle-aged town centre there is a very historical part of the town. A special symbol for the town is the statue of the riding Roland; a sign of Haldenslebens intriguing story




In 1968, Viernheim took over the sponsorship of former citizens of the town Altrohlau, which belonged to the district of Karlsbad (Sudetenland). With this move, Viernheim became an annual meeting point for the people who were ridden of their homes, and as a result are now living all over Germany. Before World War II, Altrohlau had more than 7 000 citizens and was a well-known center for porcelain.


For further information on Viernheim´s Town Partnership program and the annual meetings contact:

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